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Innovations and Technology

Innovations are core of HMS Group business leading to constant implementation of high end technologies in design and manufacturing that promotes Group`s sustainable growth and guarantees its technological leadership on key markets.

In 2012 HMS Group was included in the short list of finalists of Pump Industry Awards by the British Pump Manufacturers’ Association — one of the most prestigious awards in the pump and pump-related product industries. The Group was recognized finalist in the “Technical innovation of the years-Projects” nomination for its turnkey project of a pump station construction in Turkmenistan. The impressive 126,000m3/h capacity allows supply of Amu Darya River water into the irrigation system. EPC project was carried out in the harsh conditions and lead to increase in irrigated area by 31,000 hectares.


HMS Group pays special attention to creation of new products and innovative as well as energy efficient solutions. The Group incorporates six leading R&D centers and testing facilities outfitted with cutting edge equipment and software that completed number of innovative projects in 2012.

Innovations for oil and gas

In 2012 HMS Group completed the design and delivery of new trunk pipeline pumps of NM type and booster pumps of NPV type to be installed in pumping station of ESPO-1 and ESPO-2 projects of Transneft. New customized high pressure multistage centrifugal pump was designed for Lukoil Oil Company.

The Group expanded its product offering with hi-end API pumps for oil refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants by acquiring Apollo Goessnitz GmbH. Production cooperation of Apollo’s R&D and “know-how” with other HMS subsidiaries will allow to produce state-of-the-art skids based on API standards.

Tests of new innovative solution — Mera MFR measuring unit with NetOil&Gas (NOG) mass flow meter were carried out last year. The equipment features an automated mobile measuring unit used for measurement of mass flow rate of oil and gas with account for water cut without the usage of separator.

Innovations for water industry and utilities

HMS Group engineers have worked on design of new high efficient D type pump under DeLium and Desum trademarks. These models have excellent suction capacity and water proof design that increases efficiency and reduces wear.

In 2012 the Group launched serial production of new type of pumps control and protection system — HMS Control L3. The station is designed for borehole pumping units of well water pumps and submersible pumps. New controller provides precise measurement and convenient adjustment. The usage of new stations has numerous benefits including accidents prevention and increase of operating life.

Innovations for power generation

HMS Group completed the design for the first in the series of new feed pump with updated hydraulic characteristics to be installed on Tom-Usinsk power plant. Testing of new high tech feed pump for Novovoronezh and Leningrad nuclear power plants were carried out. Along with that, tests of modernized feed pump for 3rd unit of Rostov nuclear power station were successfully run.

Production technology upgrade

HMS Group investment program aims at development of innovative activity and re-equipment of the production and R&D base. In 2012 several subsidiaries of the Group have accomplished important stages of their modernization programs.

HMS Group completed the construction of a new cast shop with the capacity of 4 thousand tones of metal per year. The projected rate of operation should be reached in the course of 2013. This project is a part of large scale modernization program which will allow the company to meet the growing customer demand with strict compliance to the high standards of production. Technological line Omega (UK) installed in the shop will allow full mechanization of the iron mould production. Melting compartment of the shop will have the capacity of melting 4 tones of metal simultaneously.

The Group purchased a new processing center produced by Danobat Group which will complement the existing high-end production facilities and considerably improve the production of the spare parts(Nasosenergomash).

Equipment of new shop for water well pumps including launch of automated testing facility were completed last year. Reconstruction of existing production facilities underwent full scale replacement of mechanical processing equipment (Livnynasos).

HMS Group completed the enhancement of laboratory designed for research of permafrost soils by installing an automated multi functional measuring and computing unit ACIS-6. This will provide for more efficient research and faster elaboration of design documentation for large oil & gas field development projects (Giprotyumenneftegaz).

HMS Group continues to introduce latest technologies into production process. In order to optimize the elaboration of new type of pumping equipment the Group purchased an industrial 3D printer which will facilitate the modeling of the new pumping equipment parts. Implementation of this latest design technology gives the designers and engineers a clearer vision of a new product`s characteristics, makes the design process less time consuming, more cost efficient and cuts down the level of materials required to manufacture products (HMS Pumps).

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